Learn why dentists across the USA are fully integrating craniofacial sleep medicine into their dental practice using the Vivos System

  • The Vivos System is a minimally-invasive, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, multi-disciplinary treatment modality for mild to moderate obstrutive sleep apnea that does not require lifetime care for most patients.


  • The Vivos System has been specifically designed to promote the proper growth and development of the hard and soft tissues surrounding and compromising the oral cavity, nasal cavity, upper and lower jaws, and other tissues which together form and shape the human airway. 

  • As these areas develop more fully using the Vivos System, a patient's airway typically widens and expands, enabling them to breathe properly through their nose. 

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Breathing wellness represents an opportunity to build value in your practice and create a profitable income stream. Business decisions always begin with economics. What's holding you back?

The economics of breathing wellness represent a significant opportunity to improve your business. 

Dr. Dean Raio  

"My practice has been totally transformed. The experience has been amazing. I am doing so well, I have decided to open another practice with an exclusive focus on breathing wellness."

Favorable Economics to Dentists

Dentists have hundred of patients, of all ages suffering from OSA.

 A typical integrated practice candiate has between 400 and 800 existing patients who may suffer from (undiagnosed) OSA

Represents a multi-million-dollar revenue opportunity for dental practices


The Vivos System has demonstrated effective outcomes in thousands of cases.

The Vivos System has been specficially designed to promote the proper growth, development and positionoing of the mid-face and craniofacial complex. As these areas develop more fully, a patient's airway may widen and expand, enabling them to breathe properly through their nose. 

Figures one and two to the right show the upper airway before and after treatment. With a widened airway and easier breathing, the symptoms of SDB often fade away and patients lead a more productive life.